marbled chocolate caramel tart

Marbled Chocolate & Caramel Tart

Sometimes, we need to spoil ourselves with a really tasty treat and this marbled chocolate caramel tart certainly hits the spot! It’s super indulgent and looks really special yet it’s incredibly easy to make so be good to yourself by making this amazing tart and your family will love you for it! 


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Perfect Scones recipe

A must-have for a proper afternoon tea, scones are one of the recipes it really is essential to master! Luckily, with the right recipe, they are very easy and super quick to make so can be rustled up in no time. They are also very cheap, using just flour, butter, sugar and milk.

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Out On The Allotment Today

Well, we’ve been having some lovely weather here over the past couple of weeks, you can really feel the sun getting warmer! So, this morning it seemed just the right time to start preparing the allotments ready for planting in a few weeks!

I love this time of year when it’s time to start planning what we are going to grow and getting the seeds ordered. We have 2 allotment plots, luckily both very close to each other, in fact only divided by the hedge!

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Cheese and Potato Scones

I love mashed potatoes and invariably make too much every time we have them, but then there are some great things you can make with leftovers and mash is very versatile!

My favourites are these deliciously savoury scones, which are a real hit at supper time – I like to have them warm with a bowl of steaming hot soup.

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A Good Old-fashioned Chicken Casserole with Dumplings

With the temperatures plummeting and the first snow of winter arriving, a good old-fashioned chicken casserole is what’s needed to warm us from the inside out and this recipe will do just that!

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Supermarket Savers vs Big Brands

To be totally honest, I have always looked at supermarket ‘Saver’ labels with a lot of suspicion. How can they make food of the the same quality as the far more expensive labels for sometimes only a fraction of the price? There must be a huge difference in the quality surely – it can’t just be that the difference boils down to simply profit margins, can it?

Watching the new BBC1 series ‘Eat Well For Less’ really made me think and so, putting all prejudices aside, I went along to my nearest large supermarket (which happens to be Morrison’s) and picked up a few items for a taste test.

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