Bramble Jelly Recipe

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of blackberries growing in the hedgerows nearby then you, like me, probably still have a freezer full of berries from picking last autumn!

As I was rapidly running out of freezer space I decided that it was time to deal with the backlog of berries and turn them into one of the most delicious preserves, Bramble Jelly.

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How to make home made chicken gravy

Until I had discovered how simple (not to mention thrifty!) it is to make fresh chicken stock, making gravy had never been an issue – you simply spooned the granules out of the tub into a jug and poured over boiling water…nothing could be easier.

But then I did make stock and it was a natural progression to give the gravy thing a go. Now, I never have been a great lover of gravy to be honest… a splash over the roast potatoes is plenty for me but the rest of the family are all hardened gravy addicts – the thicker the better and lashings of it!

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Making The Most Of A Chicken

At the moment, chickens really do seem to be very good value. Waitrose (not often thought of as  a bargain supermarket!) are currently running a ‘Half-Price’ campaign across their stores, which does include medium size birds. So a chicken of about 2kg is costing less than £3.50 right now until the end of January! 

So, with a half empty freezer we decided to take full advantage and stock up on as many chickens as we could fit in!

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How to make fresh chicken stock

For years I have always used stock cubes whenever I needed to cook anything that called for ‘a little fresh stock’. Making it from scratch seemed such a fuss and not really worth the effort but, as we had recently bought so many chickens to cut up into joints for the freezer (see the post here), I thought it was about time I really should give it a go. 

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Sausage Flan

A Very Tasty Sausage Flan!

This recipe comes from one of my favourite cookbooks Cooking Is Fun from Good Housekeeping.

It is incredibly easy, needs only a few ingredients and, although it maybe won’t win any prizes for it’s looks, it is incredibly tasty – not to mention very cheap to make! 

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Sweetly Stevia Natural Sweetener Review


You may have noticed that here at the Thrifty Squirrels we are quite fond of an occasional sweet treat! Unfortunately Brian has type 2 diabetes and so cannot indulge in the tasting process of these new recipes as much as he would like.

So when I received a pack of Sweetly Stevia Natural Sweetener in the post, I was very keen to give it a try and put it’s claim that it tastes just like sugar through it’s paces.

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