Feed Your Family For Under A Fiver Book Review

Mitch Lane’s “Feed Your Family for Under a Fiver” is a culinary gem for anyone looking to balance delicious meals with a tight budget.

Lane’s approach to affordable cooking is not only practical but also surprisingly creative, making this cookbook a must-have for families who need to watch their budget but still want to create delicious, flavourful meals for their family that absolutely nobody could call bland!

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Feed Your Family For Under A Fiver by Mitch Lane

Mitch Lane has created a wide variety of recipes that will cater for nearly all tastes, whether you like your food spicy or traditional and includes plenty of sweet treats, all within a budget.

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Mitch Lane is the self-taught head chef of his home kitchen in Wolverhampton! Known as @mealsbymitch on TikTok and @mealsbymitchofficial on Instagram and with three kids to please at dinner time, his mission is to bring budget-friendly homemade meals to families everywhere.

With the cost of living squeezing out budgets ever tighter, Mitch Lane shares his desire to enable everyone to be able to enjoy tasty and comforting food without having to spend a fortune on ingredients.

Flavour is the driving force behind Mitch’s recipes and many of them use spices to really pack a punch like the Chunky Chorizo Soup with Croutons – doesn’t that sound amazing! You can feel your tastebuds tingle just reading the recipe!

There are also some milder and sweeter recipes like the delicious Chocolate French Toast with Caramelised Bananas, which sounds so indulgent that it feels it must be a budget busting recipe – but it isn’t!

My favourite section has to be ‘Memory Lane’ where Mitch has recreated the food of his childhood.

He includes recipes such as Toad In The Hole, Cheese and Potato Pie, Bubble & Squeak and Sausage Casserole among lots of others.

What sets this book apart is Lane’s ability to provide nutritious, flavourful recipes without breaking the bank. From breakfast recipes to hearty soups to satisfying mains (including pasta dishes, one pan recipes and food for sharing) along with delectable desserts and cakes, every recipe in this collection is designed to make the most of your budget without sacrificing taste or quality.

One of the standout features of “Feed Your Family for Under a Fiver” is Lane’s emphasis on using simple, everyday ingredients that are easy to find at any supermarket. This not only cuts down on shopping time but also ensures that readers can recreate these dishes without any hassle.

Lane’s writing style is approachable and encouraging, making even the most novice cook feel confident in the kitchen and the photography is beautiful, although not every recipe is blessed with an image of the final dish.

Each recipe is however accompanied by clear instructions and helpful tips, ensuring that even beginners can whip up a delicious meal with ease.

Additionally, Lane provides some essential shopping tips to help make your fiver go further, along with some practical advice about equipment and space

Overall, “Feed Your Family for Under a Fiver” is a fantastic cookbook that delivers on its promise of affordable, flavourful meals. Whether you’re cooking for a family or just looking to stretch your budget, Mitch Lane’s recipes are sure to satisfy both your taste buds and be kind to your budget.

Note: this book was published in April 2023 and in that time, food prices may have changed

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Affiliate Link – if you make a purchase via this link then we will earn a little commission at absolutely no extra cost to you – and we will be very grateful for your support!

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