RHS Step by Step Veg Patch Book Review

RHS Step By Step Veg Patch Book Review

No matter how small your garden, patio or window box, there is always room to grow a little fruit and veg! Don’t miss out on growing your own because you only have a little space. The RHS Step by Step Veg Patch Book shows you in simple steps and beautiful photographs everything you need to know.

Not sure where to start?

Many varieties of fruit and vegetables are very easy to grow but if you are a little unsure of where to begin then you will need a good book to guide you through sowing, planting and harvesting!

There are an awful lot of gardening books available for beginners. Just a quick browse on Amazon will show you just how many! But which to choose?

RHS Step by Step Veg Patch is Highly Recommended
RHS Step By Step Veg Patch Book Review

Even though we have had some experience in the past with growing edible crops on our allotments, I still wanted to have a good, foolproof reference book that would help me choose the best crops and how to grow them in a small space.

RHS Step By Step Veg Patch Book Review

Our new garden is only 10m x 5m – a reasonable space, it could even be considered large compared to some but tiny compared to others! (We’ve made great advances in the garden – a new post coming soon!)

The Royal Horticultural Society and author Lucy Halsall (who has been editor of Grow Your Own Magazine) share their vast knowledge and experience with readers to help them grow edible crops.

Most beginners gardening books cover the basics in much the same way but without photographs, some of it can be confusing. A picture tells a thousand words! This is why The RHS Step-By-Step Veg Patch scores highly on my recommended list.

RHS Step By Step Veg Patch Book Review

Every stage has plenty of photographs to illustrate different techniques and varieties. Even the problem solving pages show how things look when pests and diseases need dealing with – and tell you how to deal with them!  

No matter what you want to try your hand at growing, a little salad in containers, vegetables to help with the family budget of even a fruit garden, all the information you need is here in this fantastic book. The RHS Step by Step Veg Patch is simple to follow with practical information to help you every step of the way.

It’s one you’ll refer to again and again as you grow more and more tasty, edible crops. 

So, What’s Inside?

It starts off with the basics, looking at your growing space, deciding what to grow and choosing essential tools and equipment. 

Planning You Plot comes next and shows you how to plant and tend your crops. It even gives you ideas for ‘The Easy to Grow’ plot – a mix of vegetables and strawberries which will provide a steady supply for the kitchen; the ‘Family’ plot – a mix of fruit and vegetables designed for maximum productivity; and the ‘Gourmet’ plot – perfect for adventurous cooks!

Simple instructions for growing you own fruit and vegetables take up the majority of the book and includes crop planners to make it easy to plan when to sow, plant and harvest.

Finally there is a section on weeds, pests and diseases –  and how to avoid them, as well as a problem solver for if things do go slightly wrong!

There is also an in-depth index and useful resources section at the back of the book.

RHS Step By Step Veg Patch Book Review
RHS Step-By-Step Veg Patch
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