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Bell Pepper, Bean & Sweet Potato Tikka Recipe

This Tikka is such a simple recipe but one that packs in a lot on the flavour front. This vegetable tikka is one of my all time favourite recipes! I just love how all of the ingredients work so well together creating a super-tasty meat-free feast that is very economic to make. It is also …

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Chocolate Brownies

Almost everyone loves intensely chocolatey and perfectly fudgy chocolate brownies and if there is one time of year when we can treat ourselves to some decedent baking it has to be in the depths of winter. Chocolate brownies are indeed a real indulgence and, when made properly, definitely give you a feeling of treating yourself …

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Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Recipe

apple cinnamon porridge recipe

At this time of year porridge for breakfast is a must for me as it is warming, really healthy (as the oats release their energy slowly avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels), keeps me full until lunchtime and makes me very happy! I love oats in all forms and so porridge for breakfast is something …

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Fudge – Luxury Dairy Cream Recipe

handmade Christmas fudge recipe

Fudge has got to be one of the classic gifts of all time!  There are very few people who won’t appreciate a beautifully wrapped box of smooth and delicious fudge. Better still, homemade fudge can be so much nicer than mass produced versions and is definitely on a par with the amazing artisanal fudges that …

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Chocolate Truffles Recipe

making handmade truffles

So simple to make, these handmade chocolate truffles will never fail to impress! They are perfect to give as gifts when wrapped in pretty boxes or upscaled packaging and can be made very cheaply too!   The basic mixture will give you a delicious chocolate truffle. If you want something more adventurous you can add …

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Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

It’s fair to say that we get through more than our fair share of biscuits in this house! Almost any flavour, we just love them all but our favourite has to be the ubiquitous Chocolate Chip ‘Cookie’ (or biscuits as we prefer to call them!) There are quite a few choices to be had in …

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Krispie Bites Recipe

When I was young my absolute favourite chocolate bar was Nestle’s Dairy Crunch. The simple combination of milk chocolate and crispy rice cereal was just heaven but it was a rare treat indeed!  Budget Friendly Recipe When budgets are tight, treats like bars of chocolate can seem a luxury but this very simple recipe will …

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