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Bread – How To Make Delicious Homemade Crusty Bread With Your Stand Mixer

how to make delicious homemade crusty bread with your stand mixer

One of the most rewarding ways of saving money has to be learning to bake your own bread. However for many the process can seem overwhelming – critical points like the temperature of the water, what’s the correct technique to knead the dough, how long to knead the dough, all of these things are enough to send the …

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Bramble Jelly Recipe

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of blackberries growing in the hedgerows nearby then you, like me, probably still have a freezer full of berries from picking last autumn! As I was rapidly running out of freezer space I decided that it was time to deal with the backlog of berries and turn …

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Country Slice Cake Recipe

country slice cake recipe

A rather famous make of Country Slice cakes have been enormously popular since they were first introduced in the 1970’s. As a child I remember how much of a treat they were as they were one of the more expensive varieties so I wasn’t too surprised to see them recently in the supermarket priced at …

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Layered Angel Cake

angel layer cake recipe

Angel cake has always been a firm favourite with my family. I mean the layered ones that you find in the supermarket with pink, yellow and white layers sandwiched together with buttercream. It is a classic English cake so beloved by generation after generation of cake lovers! This is more than a simple sponge cake …

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