Save Water – Save Money! Free gadgets available!

Did you know that many Water Companies offer free water saving gadgets that can help you save water…and money?

You can check on your water company’s website for any free water saving gadgets and order from there.

Alternatively, put your postcode into the Save Water Save Money website and they will be able to take you to your local scheme.

What can I get?

Different water companies are offering different things. Offers could include things like water saving shower heads, regulators for kitchen taps or even items to help in the garden such as garden grow kits and plant water saving gel.

Our water company offers discounts on water butts too so there’s no excuse for not saving rainwater for watering the garden in dry spells!

If you are on a water meter like us then you will especially appreciate the savings that these water saving gadgets give you.

Having a water meter makes you very aware of how much water you use for every task but even if you’re not on a meter then you will also be able to save some cash.

Estimates are that aerators can save you up to 1,274 litres of water a month and therefore you will use less gas or oil to heat it and save money on these bills instead!

Here’s what we got!

We’ve just received our parcel of gadgets that I ordered about a week ago.

Free gadgets from water companies to help save water, energy and money

We are lucky to have quite a selection!

  1. Water efficient shower head. Designed to regulate the water flow without compromising on your shower experience.
  2. A shower regulator. Designed to regulate the water flow of your shower (we have 2 showers!)
  3. Shower timer. A simple ‘egg-timer- style to visually remind you of how long you are in the shower – every minute in the shower uses about 10 litres of water. Cutting just 1 minute off your shower time can save £15 per person per year.
  4. Tap inserts. Designed to regulate the flow of water to 5 litres per minute helping to reduce water usage.
  5. Kitchen stream tap adapter. Designed to regulate the water flow to 6.8 litres per minute. It has a swivel head for multi-directional spray.
  6. SwellGel. Great for pots and containers! The granules adsorb 400 times their own weight in water and then release it throughout the growing season as the plants need it.
  7. Grow for it garden kit. This includes soil discs for planting seeds, water mats for placing under pots to keep them watered without regular watering and they also included some lovely wildflower and sunflower seeds to brighten the garden!

This is a great opportunity to get some free gadgets to help you save water, energy and money!

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