My Vintage Singer

Before we get down to the nitty gritty of actually sewing anything, I’d like to introduce to you my lovely sewing machine.

She is a vintage Singer and I’m very keen  to get stitching now that we have decided to make as much as possible ourselves and not go running to the shops every time we need to replace something!

Brian and I were rooting around in a house clearance warehouse that is very conveniently located at the bottom of our Lane, a great place for picking up useful bargains. We spotted a small table under piles of clutter and uncovered it to discover this wonderful gem.

Built in 1954, she is a 201 model, which was one of the best models that Singer made. It was nicknamed ‘The Dressmakers Sewing Machine’ and it has the finest stitch I have ever seen on any machine, old or new. In fact, my new electronic modern sewing machine with its wide variety of stitch styles is really put in its place when comparing the stitch quality with the 201. It only does a straight stitch but that’s the most useful one isn’t it!

We managed to carry home our treasure and Brian set to checking it over to see what may need repairing or replacing but as it turned out the previous owner had kept up to date with the servicing so we only needed to give her a bit of a dusting and a bit of oil and she was ready to go!

I will be putting her to good use in the very near future!

And the best bit…she only cost £20, including the table…now that’s what I call a bargain!

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