Another lovely sewing machine!

Squirrel 4 RHYou know how it is when you go out just to have a rummage around, not looking for anything in particular, well, that’s what we were doing yesterday when Don (the owner of our local house clearance warehouse) caught us as we were passing . “We’ve got 2 sewing machines on the van, come in later and have a look”. Well, we couldn’t not go could we!

So later in the afternoon we popped along to have a look and sure enough there they were, a lovely electric 99k made in 1948 and a 221K in its little black case!



Brian took one look at the 99K and decided to take it home. It was complete with its little wooden extension table and the black Singer rubber mat. For all of this we were charged the princely sum of £15! As you’ll soon realise, Brian has a bit of a thing for mechanical items and loves to restore them, especially old Singer sewing machines.

He will be making a start on his restoration project very shortly so do join him to see how he gets on!

As for the 221K, it had a label on it that it was awaiting repair in 2009 but it looks as though the original owner had not got around to it. Sarah is the lady who deals with pricing and wanted to have a closer look to see what condition it’s in. We’ll be popping back this afternoon to see if we can give that lovely little machine a new home and a new lease of life too.

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