Tomato Sauce Recipe-Basic and Super Simple!

basic tomato sauce recipe

This recipe for a quick and easy tomato sauce has to be one of the most versatile recipes you will ever make!

Is it really Super Simple To Make?

It is really quick to make, only uses the smallest amount of ingredients and is super simple to do.

Once you have it made it can be used in all sorts of ways. As a simple sauce for pasta to make a filling and really cheap meal, on a freshly made pizza base ready for your choice of toppings (try our Homemade Pizza Recipe) or as a base for other bakes (try our Cheese & Tomato Chicken Melt Recipe – coming very soon!).

The recipe can also be tweaked by adding a few herbs or spices to give different flavours – oregano for a Mediterranean flavour or smoked paprika or chillies for a bit of heat!

Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe

1 x tablespoon vegetable oil

1 x small onion, peeled and finely chopped

1 x 400g tin chopped OR peeled plum tomatoes (either is fine)

a pinch of sugar

Salt and Pepper

How to make Basic Tomato sauce

Heat the oil in a medium size frying pan, add the chopped onion and fry gently until softened but not coloured.

frying onions for tomato sauce
frying onions for tomato sauce

When the onions are soft, add the tomatoes and stir together then bring up to simmering point.

Season with salt and pepper then taste the sauce.

If the sauce is tasting a little too acidic then add a pinch of sugar and taste again. Keep adding small pinches of sugar until you get the taste you like – it shouldn’t take more that ½ teaspoon.

simmer the seasoned tomato sauce
simmer the seasoned tomato sauce

It’s not possible to be accurate with amounts of sugar to add as it all depends on the taste of the tomatoes themselves. If particularly sweet then you will not need to add any at all!

Once you have the sauce tasting great, leave to simmer for 5 minutes.

Finally, to make the sauce really smooth and creamy, blend it together with a hand blender.

smooth & tasty tomato sauce
smooth & tasty tomato sauce
Here’s what we used

A hand blender is a really useful addition to your kitchen equipment.

We recommend the Russell Hobbs food collection Hand Blender

hand blender




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