My dress is nearly finished!!

I have no idea why it has taken quite so long to finish this simple, straightforward dress. The Vogue Very Easy pattern number V8764 has been a great starting point for a beginner but I just seem to have got to a point where I put the project to one side for a few days to do something else and haven’t been able to get back to it.

Anyway, I have decided that next week (it has to wait until then…I’m off to a wedding this weekend!) I will definately finish it. I only have the sleeves to insert and the hem to do on the dress and the lining and voila!

I have really enjoyed doing it, the dress is looking really good and I am looking forward to starting a new project!

Finished pictures next week…I promise…all going well…!!

3 thoughts on “My dress is nearly finished!!”

  1. Lovely dress, Donna – funny how we did manage to pick up something from those long frustrating hours in the sewing room. I’ve ‘liked’ your blog – hope there will be a picture of the finished dress soon.

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