How To Remove Stubborn Labels From Jars

Saving jars is second nature to anyone who enjoys preserving, whether it’s jams and jellies or pickles and chutneys.

The problem is though, how do you get those really stubborn labels off. It can be really frustrating when you have soaked the jar to remove the paper label only to find that the glue holding it in place is totally resistant to everything you use to remove it!

Well, now there is an easy way remove all traces of the old label and it’s glue, and the best thing is it is really easy to do, so easy in fact that when I first saw this tip I didn’t really think it would work but I can promise you it really does!

First of all score the paper label a few times then soak the jar in water so that the paper can be removed. If the paper is really difficult to get off even after soaking then I find a scouring sponge rubbed gently over the label will take it off.

Then all you need are two very basic ingredients; vegetable oil and bicarbonate of soda.

So, all you do is simply mix a tablespoon of the oil with a tablespoon of the bicarbonate of soda to make a fairly thick paste. You may need to add a little extra bicarb to get the paste thick enough so that when it is applied to the jar it will stay there rather than sliding straight down the side!

Apply the past in a thick layer over the glue and leave for about half an hour. 

Wipe away the paste using some paper kitchen towel, rubbing at the glue as you go. You will see that the glue has released it’s grip and will come away easily.

Finally wash the jar in hot soapy water, using the scouring sponge if there is any residue left.

This is a very simple but very effective method of removing the labels from jars…just in time for the preserving season too!

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