A New Look For An Old Table

A little while ago, while browsing around our local antiques shops and markets, we came across this little kitchen table in the corner of the shop. 

Straightaway, we knew it would be perfect in our kitchen as a breakfast table, but quite honestly, it had seen much better days. We knew that with a bit of time and effort we could transform this sweet little table so we rescued it from the dusty corner of the old shop and carried it home.

 Once we were back at home and had given the table a good check over it was easy to see that the main thing wrong with it was just the years and years of dirt and grime that had accumulated in the grooves of the legs and the top was in need of sanding to remove the paint splatters and to get it smooth again.

With a lot of work sanding it down it would have been possible to keep the table in it’s wood finish but having completed our project of revamping and restyling our kitchen cupboards  by painting them we thought it would be really nice to paint the little table’s legs and frame to match.

In much the same way as we tackled the painting of the kitchen cupboards, we thoroughly cleaned and sanded the legs and frame having first removed the table top as we didn’t want to get any paint on that.

Painting onto raw wood needed an undercoat so we again opted for the Dulux Super Grip Primer as we knew from experience that this would provide a perfect and durable base for the topcoat of paint. Once it had dried we proceeded to paint the frame and legs with 3 thin coats of Dulux Vanilla Mist Eggshell over 3 days to allow each coat to dry thoroughly before adding the next one. 

While the frame was drying the top was next to receive some attention. Over the years it had seen a lot of wear and tear so there were paint splatters, water stains and small gouges in the wood but sanding with an orbital sander soon made short work of bringing the top back to it’s former glory! Then all it took to finish the top was a couple of coats of Wax Furniture Polish to ‘feed’ the wood, restore it’s natural luster and protect it from further damage during day-to-day use.

Once all the paint had dried it was simple to re-fit the top to the frame and we now have a lovely little breakfast table that matches our kitchen perfectly…and while we were at it we gave the chairs a makeover too!



This is how the table looked when we bought it...
This is how the table looked when we bought it…

…and After

...and this is how the table looks now!
…and this is how the table looks now!

Here are the products we used for this project.




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