Getting Ready To Grow!

Growing Your Own Food is like printing you own money!


Can there be any better way of starting to grow your own food than with potatoes?

Our allotment plot is quite tiny but nonetheless we have decided to plant some new potatoes to enjoy fresh in the summer.

Our local garden centre has a very good selection of seed potatoes to choose from but as space is tight we have decided on just one variety, Foremost. This is a popular variety and should have good flavour with a waxy flesh so will also be good for salads. We will be growing 8 rows, each around 11 feet long so hopefully we will get a useful yield from the 90 or so seed potatoes that we plant.

As soon as we bought the seed potatoes we popped them into old egg boxes to keep them upright and not touching and placed them on a light windowsill to start ‘chitting’.

So, so far so good, they are chitting away nicely and the weather is starting to dry out and warm up so very soon we will don our gardening boots and prepare the ground! With such a bad winter of heavy rain and mild temperatures the weeds have had a great time so quite a bit of clearing to be done! 

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