Chicken Casserole with Dumplings

With the temperatures plummeting and the first snow of winter arriving, a good old-fashioned chicken casserole is what’s needed to warm us from the inside out and this recipe will do just that!

Some people are put of cooking casseroles and stews, maybe because of the long slow cooking times but really they are perfect for using cheaper cuts of meat and can be made really cheaply.

When making anything with chicken I would urge anyone to buy a whole chicken and learn to join it yourself. It’s not difficult – there is a great video link here on our post about Making The Most Of A Chicken and the savings compared to buying ready jointed pieces are huge, you also have the carcass from which to make the most delicious stock. 

Casseroles are great to make on baking days too as they can sit happily bubbling away at the bottom of the oven while all of the other delicious things are baked higher up, making the most of the fuel that is being used.

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