A Homemade Christmas


Christmas can be such an expensive time of year but sometimes, when budgets are tight, making sure you can give the people we love something special can seem a daunting task. 

Homemade gifts can fill the gap admirably and can be made very special indeed with just a few little extras! Presentation is more than half the battle ?

Little hands can get involved too with some of these recipes. They will be especially proud to present grandpa with a batch of cheesy biscuits that they have made and you know that he will love them as they taste wonderful!


Our selection of Easy Recipes for Christmas

The Very Best Shortcrust Pastry Recipe For Mince Pies

The very best shortcrust pastry recipe

Make your Christmas baking really stand out this year with our recipe for perfect shortcrust pastry.



chocolate marzipan starsChocolate Coated Marzipan Stars

Homemade Marzipan Stars make a really thoughtful & impressive gift for all of the marzipan lovers out there! They’re really easy but also very impressive!



Handmade trufflesHandmade Chocolate Truffles

These delicious little bites of chocolatey heaven are almost too simple to make! They consist of nothing more than fresh cream, dark chocolate and a little butter but they never fail to impress when given as a gift.



homemade dairy fudgeLuxury Dairy Cream Fudge   

It’s not often you will see ‘luxury’ attached to a recipe on a budget food blog! But it is true to say that although this recipe does include expensive ingredients like butter and double cream, it will also save you a whole heap of money over buying gift boxes of fudge to give as gifts – and this homemade fudge tastes amazingly good!



More recipes coming very soon!

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