It’s been a little while…

…so I think it’s now time for an update!

The Thrifty Squirrels blog has had to take a back seat for quite a while now but I am pleased to say that things are slowly getting back to normal and we will be back on track very soon.

Our enforced absence is down to the fact that we have now moved away from Dorset (by the sea) back to my beautiful home county of Gloucestershire, with its glorious countryside and it has been quite a rollercoaster ride of selling our cottage, buying a new home and all of the pitfalls that await unsuspecting home movers along the way.

We made the decision to move back to Gloucestershire back in May 2015 – it seems such a long time ago that I had to check that 2015 was actually correct! – and had visions of selling our lovely little cottage quite easily, finding a new home and everything being done and dusted by Christmas easily…but it didn’t work out that way! General elections and Brexit votes suppressed the housing market everywhere so, in fact, it was Christmas before we got our first serious offer but that fell through in January soon to be followed by another offer, only for that buyer to pull out at the exchange of contracts stage…frustrating doesn’t begin to cover it as this meant we had lost 2 houses we wanted to buy…heartbreaking at the time.

Luckily it wasn’t long before a lovely family came along, agreed a price and wheels were set in motion for the third time! As you can imagine, by this time we could hardly dare believe things would go well but as the process ground along at its own leisurely pace we gradually became more confident and schlepped up the motorway to find another property to buy.

As with all things, fate here lent a hand as there were no houses now for sale in the particular road we had wanted to live (and lost the previous two we wanted to buy) and rather than risk losing our sale we opened up our search and found a suitable property literally around the corner! It is everything we said we didn’t want in a house but it has proved to be the right house for us. 

The kitchen is smaller than I am used to but with some redesigning, I am hoping to get some extra storage and am chomping at the bit to get in there and start cooking up some great thrifty and delicious recipes.

The garden is also small…compact you might say at about 10 x 5 meters (or 30 x 15 feet for those of us still working in old money!!) but nevertheless it is the first garden we have ever owned so the challenge of growing edibles in amongst flowers and shrubs as well as fitting in a small greenhouse will be one I am very much looking forward to. 

However, very appropriately, we do have some wildlife in the garden…the squirrels are regular visitors!

So, this is where we are at right now. Plenty of jobs to keep us busy for a little while longer but I am hopeful I can start to get back to the Thrifty Squirrels with regular blog postings very soon.

Donna x



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