The Taste Tests! – Supermarket Savers vs Big Brands


The blind taste test have been such a success, we will be trying more budget items from different supermarkets and adding them to this page as we go.


I’ve always believed that the more you pay for something then the better it will be, especially where food is concerned…you get what you pay for, right? Well, the BBC TV show ‘Eat Well For Less’ made me rethink my strongly held belief that the supermarket budget brands are surely an insult to the taste buds.

So, I have taken a bunch of Morrison’s ‘Saver’ brand everyday staples and put them through a blind taste test. Each product was tasted alongside a well known and much more expensive brand.

This really was done completely blind so that the appearance, although important, did not give me a clue as to which was the more expensive brand food and which was from the ‘saver’ range…the result were definitely surprising! 

Breakfast Cereal 

Kellog’s Bran Flakes (£2.09/500g – 41.8p/100g)  vs Morrison’s Saver Bran Flakes (88p/750g – 11.7p/100g)    

These were tasted straight from the pack and also with a little milk to see how well they reacted to the moisture! I really expected the cheaper ‘Saver’ flakes to be bland and pretty tasteless but the taste between the two is indistinguishable, in fact I would say that the Saver’s had a better flavour and stayed really crisp in the milk – this is a no brainer! – swap to the ‘Saver’s’ brand and save £2.25 per 750g box!

Kellog’s Cornflakes (£1.84/500g – 36.8p/100g) vs Morrison’s Saver Cornflakes(31p/500g – 6.2p/100g)


As with the bran flakes, these were tasted with and without milk. The taste of the ‘Saver’ cornflakes was slightly milder than than Kellog’s but certainly not tasteless. I would say that there was a hint of Special K in the flavour, which I was really happy about! They were both crispy until the milk was added and then they both absorbed the milk at about the same rate so were both quite soggy by the time the bowl was finished. 

When the blind tasting was finished I could see that the Saver’s cornflakes were quite a bit smaller in size, hence the loss of half a star but apart from that – just as good as the much more expensive brand. A really good buy to save £1.53 for a 500g box!


Tea Bags – Punjana (£2.19/80 bags/250g – 88p/100g) vs Morrison’s Saver Tea Bags (27p/80 bags/250g – 11p/100g)


 Everyone seems to have their favourite brand of tea, mine is Punjana. It has taken quite a while to settle on this after trying lots of other brands! Trying a budget teabag was not something I was really looking forward to I have to admit but, like so many other cheaper items I have tried, I was surprised at how drinkable this one was.

The one thing that let it down to only get 3 starts is the fact that it isn’t very strong. The flavour is actually pretty good but I like a cup of tea that you can taste!

Even though these teabags are extremely cheap, you really do need one per person. We make tea in a teapot with 1 Punjana teabag and that is just the right strength to give us 2 cups of tea – so a really good way of saving money, £1.92/80 teabags.

If you like your tea on the weaker side, it really is not at all bad so may be worth a try. 

Coffee – Nescafe Original Instant Coffee (£2.78/100g) vs Morrison’s Saver Instant Coffee (47p/100g)


 This really was a surprise! I’m not a big coffee drinker – I do prefer tea! – but I usually have one cup a day. As with the tea, I really didn’t expect the Saver coffee to taste anything like the Nescafe I am used to but I have to say that the flavour is really good. 

It may be ever so slightly less strong (which suits me fine) but the taste between the two is very similar.

I’ve knocked off half a star because when you open the packet you are expecting granules but, unless my pack had been unduly crushed, it seemed to be a mix of granules and powder. Not a big issue at all as it’s all in the flavour! Switching to this coffee will save £2.31/100g.

More taste test results on the way…


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